Streets of Bintan 2015 – Photographic Exhibition

Streets of Bintan 2015
Photographic Exhibition
October 2015

In collaboration with 50 Merlions, this photographic exhibition at
The Café at the Cheese Shop, Singapore
brings together eleven images of Bintan village life.
Masterful and revealing, this young Singaporean photographer, Vicknesh Mano, shares the experience of the neighbouring Indonesian island, Bintan, through his candid eye.
Vicknesh captures the essence of relationships with a natural obsessiveness. Two of the photographs are of fathers with their baby or child.
The man in black-and-white is an evocative portrait.
The elderly lady gazes serenely and perhaps the sub-conscious draw is the juxtaposition of her mature age yet she wears the comic clothing of a young child.
Look at the detail of the shop with thousands of items and the familiar table and condiments. It is hard to say which of these photographs will become the hi-light of the show.
Amanda Ferguson
Founder and Creative Director of 50 Merlions

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