About The Artist

My Photographic journey began in my second year of university, when I got my first DSLR at a COMEX IT Fair, in preparation for my study abroad program at the University of Miami. It has been an incredible experience, growing and developing my eye, adapting to various situations and assignments.

I have a passion for street portraiture and revealing people’s daily lives.”


My photography focuses on capturing emotions. My art aims to create a personal experience with the viewer, to form a human interaction with the subject – as if you were there to experience the moment yourself.

I remember the first “paid” assignment I received. I was a club photographer who was taking photos of people partying through the night. I was paid $50 for an eight-hour shift. Yet, I was so excited and happy. That was the first tangible vindication of my photography.
Bigger assignments followed: events, weddings, fashion shows and even exhibitions! It was incredible; the journey is amazing.

I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for supporting my art.


Vicknesh Mano